Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cycling Baan Krut - Thung Wualaen

January 11th Baan Krut - Thung Wualaen 131km

A long day for us, in fact the longest of the trip so far, Maria thinks it's the longest she has ever ridden!  Anyway we were on the road at 7.50am after room service delivered breakfast and we had taken the bikes down in the lift.

As we left we noticed the Siam group getting ready, they had been staying in the hotel next to ours.  The ride started out great following the beach but the GPS just didn't want to work.  I had to stop to sort out my panniers and as I did the Siam group came past.  We followed for a few minutes and I guess somebody had a puncture and they all slowed down but we carried on.

Now it was time for our first wrong turn and I bet around a 6km round trip before we got going in the right direction again.  Luckily the GPS finally got it's act together yet we still did about 4km extra when we missed a turn in Bang Saphan when we had to double back.

After that we didn't manage to get lost at all, not bad a our map ran out and we were using a 1:750,000 and the blackberry.  Maria managed 2 lunches today although the first was only rice and the second we had our usual rice and veg.  It is our usual as firstly we have it written down in Thai so at least they know what we want and secondly I am not too keen on eating meat from the stands and less hygienic looking cafes.

The roads today were very quiet and great to ride although we left the coast quite early on in the ride.  The tailwind made life much easier as did the terrain which was undulating at worst.  As we got closer to our destination we passed a long stretch of road works which need a bit of care on the loose gravel but soon we were near the coast passing multi coloured fishing boats.

A quick ride up and down the sea front found us a bungalow with aircon and wifi for 550baht but alas no breakfast.  The place is also restricted in the way of a grocery store, we are getting too used to 7/11s!

It does seem to be the place to go kite surfing though with loads of guys out and one unfortunate with his kite stuck in a tree.  The beach is nice but messy and most of the area is a little run down with the feeling that this used to be a very popular spot, the Nana Beach Resort looked the best but 1300baht was more than Maria wanted to pay. 

We are not sure whether to have a day off here or at the next spot, see how we feel in the morning.

Baan Krut in the morning

Lunch stop, no Starbucks eh?

Thung Wualaen

Man and kite up a tree whoops

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