Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cycling Khao Sok to Khao Lak

January 18th Khao Sok - Khao Lak 69km

Today starts with a climb into the mist.  The first real climb we have had in Thailand and in all honesty nothing too bad.  The speed suffered as we dropped down to single figures and our low gears on the steeper sections but we weren't rushing. 

We finally hit the summit and changed up the gears ready for the downhill, then around the corner the road turned uphill again!  After the next summit the road did the same, then third time lucky the road kept going down.

Don't believe it! Well not the first 2

It wasn't long before we turned off the main road, not before passing an elephant crossing the road! 
Not something you see everyday!

The rest of the ride undulated through plantations of varying types and we made a little side trip to Rainbow Waterfall. 
More neatly planted trees

Rainbow waterfall

Khao Lak came soon enough along the main road where we found a room for 500baht.  This is one of the top dive spots in Thailand so we have looked into a live aboard, and have found one leaving tomorrow night for 3 days.  The problem is I have a bit of a cold so I will have to see what the morning brings to book it, if it is still available that is.

Now one thing I would like to show you is the sidecars they fit to their scooters over here.  This one is a basic model as some have a roof!  I have seen the sidecars full of people, cargo and a mixture of the 2.  That's not to to forget the 3 plus people on the scooter, the most I have seen on a scooter without sidecar is 5!
Home made from old scooter parts, turns your scooter into at least a 7 seater!

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