Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cycling Khao Sok

January 17th Khao Sok

It is warm and humid here, this is what my minds eye pictured as a rain forest.  The could wet rain forest in New Zealand just wasn't it.

We paid 200baht each to go into the park and started to follow the trail.  You are allowed to ride a bike down the trail but it would have to be a mountain bike.  After about 3km the trail comes to a head with tracks leading off.  Here the routes get thin, winding, rough and you couldn't cycle along here.  The route is not well marked so after the 3rd dead end we decided to have lunch and wander back.  I spotted a leech climbing on my shoe, I disposed of him but this encouraged me to head back even more.
Nice and wide to start with

Nice spot for lunch

Look who's here

This was a good bit of the second trail


Trying to be all arty

On the way back we found a huge spider.  Got a good photo but spider aren't my thing, I am sounding like  real whimp now!

We decided to walk up to a look out, a group sat at the bottom advised against it saying they had given up because of leeches and the trail was too hard to follow so we ditched the idea.  We sat and listened to the rain forest for awhile and a butterfly took a liking to my trainers.

Thanks Bob and Mavis you bought me these for my birthday

There are many organised trips, guides and activities which would make the most of a visit here.  We've got enough going on with the bikes so we just skimmed the surface.

So blogging and planning.  Khao Lak tomorrow.

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