Friday, 13 January 2012

Cycling Thung Wualaen - Lang Suan

January 13th Thung Wualaen - Lang Suan 108km

Friday 13th, a good day to start out with no map!  We were at the cafe at 7am ordering breakfast and on the road at 7.40am.  The Siam guys had left at 7.30am and were going a different route to us covering 145km, we said goodbye to their guide as he left.

Maria spotted John, Steve and Pete getting ready to leave, so we had a head start and were expecting them to pass by early on. 

Things went well though and we hardly slowed for navigation as the blackberry did all the work and now it is attached to the handlebars I could operate it with stopping.  The first 40km to the highway flew past without a wrong turn.

Who put that there!

We had a few km to cover on the highway today as we opted for a slightly less complicated route due to the lack of map.  We also found one of the roads we had planned in was gravel so we ducked back onto the highway to avoid it.

After a mid morning snack we took a short that went from tarmac to dirt and it turned out to be pretty rough but only a few km long.

The rest of the route was plain sailing, hardly anything on the roads and a mixture of beaches, rivers and fishing towns.  At 1.30pm we rolled into PN Seafood and Resort, a bungalow cost 600baht and was spcious if a little run down.  That 'was nice once' feeling again.  That said it has a beach front location and a pool which I managed to have a quick dip in.
Waterside real estate

John, Steve and Pete rolled in not long after us, they took a different route with a few more kms covered than we did.  We had a quick chat at the pool and saw them again at dinner.  I am sure them must think we are stalking them!!!

Odd things we have seen today are a huge gold statue just on the side of the highway, a monk and a monkey on the back of a scooter (but not the same one) and a bridge that once was.  It was a crying shame I couldn't get a picture of the monkey riding pillion, the guy on the front had him on a really long lead.  I guess they are sentup trees for something, I will have to find out.  On the map is marked a monkey training centre so he can't be the only one.

Tomorrow has the chance of being another long day 120 to 130km.  Time for bed.
Big, Huge, Massive

Needs a little TLC

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