Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cycling Surat Thani

January 15th Surat Thani

Today we didn't cycle anywhere!  There was no other reason except we liked the hotel and decided to have a proper rest day not a non cycling day where we ran around doing jobs.  So a lazy start followed by a wander around the mall, lunch then a Thai massage.  I never knew such a little lady could inflict so much pain! 2 hours cost a huge 350baht, I think I enjoyed it.  I will see if I feel better or worse tomorrow.

Map my ride says 116km so add another 10km for wrong turns and we have a long day.  The tailwind that's has propelled us down the coast won't be there tomorrow so the real cycling begins.  Alarm set for 6.00am, I thought this was a holiday ;-)
This nice little pool was outside a pool shop

Next to a main road!

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