Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thung Wualaen

Thung Wualaen - Rest Day

When the alarm went off we decided to make this a rest day, we need to go to the city of Chumphon to buy new maps, we were running low on cycling shorts and it looked like rain.  So we dropped off the laundry had breakfast and hired a scooter 200baht for the day.

Not sure how big the engine was but it pulled 2 of us along at about 80kph which is plenty fast enough with the driving over here.
In true Thai tradition we had to have 4 on a scooter

Nice helmet, looks like a security guard!

It seemed to take ages to find maps and I am sure we went to every map shop, at least 4 anyway.  Then I tried to track down a phone holder so I could mount the blackberry to the handle bars, I couldn't get a proper one but found a case I think I can modify in Thai fashion!  I got a spare battery at the same time so we should have no trouble using the GPS all day now.

The only map we couldn't find a map to take us from where we are to the next stop so we decided to ride some of the route on the scooter.  It helped and with google maps loaded on the  blackberry I think we are nearly there.  It does look like another long day though.

On the way back we had to dodge a tortoise crossing the road, we turned around to move him but we were beaten to it buy another scooterist.

I wish I had bought the Garmin GPS I saw in New Zealand.  It would have made life alot easier even if you didn't buy the Thai maps you could at least upload a track from google earth.  This seems to be the one draw back with using the blackberry.

Kite surfers staying out of the trees today

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