Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cycling Chiang Mai

February 1st Chiang Mai

We have covered a big distance since the last post but none of it by bike.  The flight from Phuket was painless, even our box of toy guns didn't cause any concern.  I was surprised as we have bought 2 more dog deterrents, metal cap guns which I thought may require inspection but no.  The new guns have already been tested as a Labrador sized mutt started to chase me, i let off a cap without taking the gun out of the bag and he soon scuttled off in the opposite direction.
Nice bag :-) 95kg! the bikes in boxes weighed 20kg each

The hotel in Chiang Mai is big and modern, no atmosphere but everything is clean and works.  We used Expedia to book and it cost 17gbp a night including breakfast.  The location is good next to the old town and a short walk from the night market.  More backpackers here than we have seen on the trip so far.
Old meets new

Yesterday we looked around more temples (done these to death now), the night market and walked back by accident via the bars full of ladies (probably) shall we say touting for business.  If I pictured the seedy side of Thailand in my head before I got here the walk back to the hotel was a perfect match.

A wax work but it took a while to figure that out!

Pimp my scooter! Looks like wheels out of a VFR400

There is always 1

As interesting as it all is I have had enough of wandering around or lying on beaches and want to get back on the bikes.  I built them up this morning and was happy to see they had not suffered any damage in transit.  Tomorrow we will leave for Lampang on a route yet to be confirmed but 100+km.

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