Friday, 3 February 2012

Chiang Mai to Doi Khun Tan National Park

February 2nd Chiang Mai to Doi Khun Tan National Park 81km

Not as far as planned granted but there were a couple of good climbs with mapmyride say 17% right at the end.  When we reached the park we had intended to carry on but the gps had a wobble and we asked directions.  The rangers laughed when we said we were going to Lampang and said the road we had planned on taking was no good for bikes.  After a discussion we decided to stay in a park bungalow which cost us 350baht as for some reason they gave 30% discount, they must of felt sorry for the stupid British cyclists.

The only problem here was food, the cafe shut at 5pm so we unpacked (the bungalow was 1500m further uphill) and went for food.  4pm cafe shut, bugger!  The ladies in the visitors centre rustled us up a feast of rice, veg and omelettes so we didn't starve, turned out to be the best feed we have had in ages.

The park has the longest train tunnel in Thailand at nearly 1400m, they are very proud of this although it isn't much to look at!
Busy urban start

Budha at the top of the hill

Not your ussuaal cattle

Mountain Jungle

Peaceful end of the day

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