Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cycling Pattaya

February 19th Pattaya

Lie in, the wandered around Pattaya.  The relax I needed.  This place is all about sex tourism and it is rare to see an old man without a Thai girl on his arm, or even a young man come to think of it.

It has been interesting but not somewhere I would hurry back.  However if you wanted to motorbike around Thailand you would get a cracking deal on a bike for a month, bring your own helmet and bags and you'd have a great time.  Maybe when the legs can't pedal anymore.

We have found an off highway route for tomorrow of about 80km, not sure what the roads are like but we will soon see.  Will post all the pics from the last few days when I have a better connection.

Team lie in, check out the tan line!

All for hire, take your pick

Even pimped up monkey bikes

Not so sure about this place

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