Monday, 13 February 2012

Cycling Autthaya

February 13th Autthaya

Nice lie and followed by more western food.  We then road to the ruins and had a good look around, even getting the audio tour.  They are very impressive, Sukhothai was very similar although a larger area but not the concentration of structures as here.  Recent floods have caused damage and some of the areas are closed off for repair but there is plenty open to look at.

We grabbed a couple more inner tubes as we were down to only one spare.  The route tomorrow takes us on a ride not done by any of the bike tours so we are free styling for  change!

Still not sure if I want to go to Cambodia or not.  I feel I should while we are here but more temples?  Plus malaria isn't a souvenir I want to take home.  Laos and Vietnam will also be for another time or it will just be a big rush.

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