Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cycling Sing Buri to Ayuthaya

February 12th Sing Buri to Ayuthaya 78km

This time we managed to leave easily picking up the riverside road that we would follow all the way.  Err no!  We had only travelled a couple of km when it turned into a mud track.  The 309 runs next to the road and although marked as a major road is very quiet.  The smooth tarmac made the ride a trifling e3 hour blast with a short stop for a puncture when Maria hit a stone at 30kph blowing the front tube.

Another guest house, more western food and a thai massage filled the rest of the day.  I was a little concerned when my masseur outweighed me by about 50% as the usual tiny little women hurt enough.  I was right to be concerned but survived the experience.

Tomorrow is another day off, this time with a lie in.
Random fountain outsied the hotel

Cows on the road

Ninja herdsman

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