Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cycling Pattaya

February 17th Pattaya

Well this is the rest day but I thought I had left my sunnies in the hotel in Prachin Buri.  I wasn't sure but it was the only place we could phone, typical!  So I decided that if I could hire a nice bike I would ride there and back which is nearly 400km roundtrip and if they weren't there no big issue as I would have enjoyed the blast on the bike.

Now in Pattaya you can hire any kind of bike you want from a harley to a monkey bike, I went for a supermoto DRZ400 which cost all of 10gbp for the day!  It was a bit rattley but it was perfect for the dodgey roads once you got off the highway, on the highway it went fast enough considering the lack of safety gear and a helmet that wanted to blow off at anything over 100kph.

As it turned out the glasses weren't there but I enjoyed the ride up until 40km from Paattaya and it poured down.  I stopped under a highway bridge to take the blackberry off the handle bars and had to do old school navigavtion back to the hotel through flooded roads where the splash as I went through was going over my head, luckily the bike kept going.

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