Sunday, 26 February 2012

Cycling Laem mae Phim to Chanthaburi

February 26th Laem Mae Phim to Chanthaburi 80km

We have finally left the coast and travelled the 80km to Chanthaburi.  The roads were quiet and we were soon back into the agricultural areas.  Fish farms seem to be the most popular, with plantations coming in a close second.

Chanthaburi is known for it's gem trade with markets on the weekends.  The downside is all the hotels fill up on the weekends and the prices increase.  We planned to miss this as we don't need to buy anything else that's for sure!

One extra day here should put us on schedule for the border, tomorrow we will have a look around, service the bikes and get ready for Cambodia.

Sidecars and trailers, so this is where they come from

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