Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Cycling Autthya to Prachin Buri

February 14th Autthya to Prachin Buri 131km

The traffic was hectic at the start of the day with lots of lanes to confuse.  After awhile we turned off away from the craziness and out into the rural areas round Bangkok.  There is no surprise this area is prone to flooding as each field or plantation has several irrigation ditches running through it.  The remainder of the land is flt as a pancake so once these channels are full only trouble awaits.

The networks of channels are impressive and are in much better condition than the roads!  Dogs were fairly quiet today with a few get of my land barks but no real chases.  As we approached the hotel that changed but 11 cap sent the little devils running.

The oddest thing today was a police bike parked up which was fully airbrushed with chrome grips and big pipes, chopper style.  The we saw the policeman and he was sporting a nickel plated semi auto!  He was the man!!!
Busy start

Every other row had an irrigation channel

Quieter roads

Pimped bike silver gun, top cop!

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