Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cycling Prachin Buri to Chon Buri

February 15th Prachin Buri to Chon Buri 112km

Today we had to make do with 7/11 breakfast as the restaurant at the hotel didn't open before we left.  No big problem but by the end of the day we both felt worn out mainly down to lack of food.

The ride itself was great taking in everything from the hectic traffic as we rode past a school where the kids were being dropped off to a long straight flat road following an irrigation channel in what seemed like the middle of nowhere.  The traffic reached it's busiest in Chon Buri, the last 10km were interesting.

The road surfaces today have been a mix of everything from new super smooth tarmac to dirt and everything in between.  The long straight road I mentioned before had just about all the different types somewhere along it.  I think the only way to be sure of good surfaces is to stick to the highways but where's the fun in that!  Today we have seen crazy looking motorised trikes, raced kids on bikes older than me and scared countless dogs with the cap guns.  The bikes took the terrain in their stride with panniers being dislodged over big bumps the only problem.  Mountain bikes or that style of tourer may be better for some of the terrain but the skinny 700x32 tyres allow you to rip along when the surface is good and still keep going in the loose.

The roads great for drying corn

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