Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cycling Pattaya

February 18th Pattaya

Well it turned out I didn't take the blackberry off the handlebars soon enough and it wouldn't work.  So I took the bike back and tried to get it fixed as it is our only source of navigation.  I got pulled by the cops and they almost seem disappointed when I had a licence and the relevant documents, no bribe here.

I then spent 1 hour waiting for the shops to open, another hour trying to find a repair shop which didn't open for another hour4 and finally waited an hour for him to fix it.  6gbp though and it is now sorted.  In all that time waiting I walked up and down the seafront about 5 times getting propositioned by the local working girls along the way.  It is a different place when you are walking around on your own.

So another day of running about so I am having a lazy day tomorrow before we move on.

Volks bar

Same same but different Volks bar

Open for action

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