Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cycling Uttaradit to Sukhothai

February 6th Uttaradit to Sukhothai 100km

Nice ride today and almost totally flat.  We are now in rural Thailand with organised paddy fields and irrigation pumps running every few hundred metres.  The use these 2 wheeled contraptions which look like big rotavators to pull carts and run pumps, they also use very homemade looking lorries with what sounds like single cylinder diesel engines.

Our first choice of road turned out to be dirt but there were plenty of sealed options.  It is hot today but we averaged about 23kph so we were in Sukhothai for lunch.  It is famous for the 12th century ruins just out of town so we easily found a touristy cafe and had garlic bread and pizza for lunch, a rare treat!

600baht found us an aircon bungalow with TV and use of a pool but no breakfast.  They hire scooters here so tomorrow we are going to the ruins under power.  When walked through town to find dinner we saw an out door aerobics class and gym, definitely not muscle beach.  It must also be the end of Chinese new year as there were floats, dragons and dancers in the streets.
Organised agriculture

Homemade lorries though

110km before lunch, time for a rest

Side cars our out here 3 trikes are in pedal or power

Half c90 half er not sure

Bet that raft takes some paddling

Out door aerobics


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