Monday, 20 February 2012

Cycling Pattaya to Phe

February 20th Pattaya to Phe 100km

We left at about 8.30am and Pattaya was still sleeping off last nights activities.  An inland route kept us off the highway for most of the way with the exception of 20km or so around Rayong.  A small climb and yet another stretch of dirt kept us on our toes, especially as the lovely smooth dirt road must have just been graded and had a fair bit of loose sand grabbing at the wheels.

Once passed Rayong we managed to do a lap of the industrial area and then head along the cost following a lovely beach.  We kept riding to Phe but should have stopped at the beach before as the town here is nothing special and is just the ferry port to Ko Samet Island.  The rooms here are expensive for what you get and not the best.  We managed to get a fan room for 650baht with a sea view though so can't really complain.

Not sure of the plan for tomorrow yet.
More dirt

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