Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cycling Sukhothai to Khempang Phet

February 8th Sukhothai to Khempang Phet 104km

As usual we had an interesting route leaving town and then a great ride through the countryside.  The roads were flat but in some places really rough.  It started with just a few short stretches of gravel which joined the bigger back roads but ended with 20km of rough dirt roads.  The tarmac just stopped and the road got worse until it finally vanished!  A quick back track got us going again but the road condition was still bad.  As far as google maps were concerned these were all roads, I believe that some of these were sealed roads once, some have always been dirt and some have never been roads at all! It probably added an hour to the trip was interesting if not the best riding, I would however do this last stretch on the highway if I had to do it again.

The varied sights you see riding through this rural area always surprise.  As you round a corner sheets of rice take up one lane as it dries in the sun and in another area water was being pumped onto the road letting the camber divert it to the field on the other side.  It's a bit like country file vs scrapheap challenge.

Flat and straight

And then the tarmac stops

Cooking something?

And then the road stops

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