Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cycling Chanthaburi to Soi Dao

February 28th Chanthaburi - Soi Dao 77km

Back roads to start with what is now a common dose of dirt tracks thrown in.  If you don't have GPS around here you would be greatly restricted in your choice of routes mainly as most of the roads aren't on the map.

After 20km or so we got onto the 317 which took us all the way to Soi Dao.  Not much here but it breaks the trip to the Cambodian border.  We had our first half decent hill today, well about 300m vertical and not that steep but it made us change out of the big ring for a change.  I stopped at the top to wait for Maria then realised I had stopped next to a solider standing in the road under a pink umbrella.  With closer inspection I saw he was holding some kind of assault rifle AR15 style, glad he didn't notice or take offence about the toy guns in my crossbar bag.  I decided to move on.

I had to use the cap gun yet again today to scare off a couple of dogs, so far 100% effective.

Found an awesome villa style room for 800baht including breakfast, there is even a great restaurant on site with cheap beer!

Which way?

Hundreds on neat piles of dirt, why?

Sack to marketing guy

Not bad for 800baht 16gbp

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