Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cycling Soi Dao to Aranya Prahet

February 29th Soi Dao to Aranya Prahet 90km

Instead of back tracking a couple of km or spending any time on the highway we decided to take the direct route.  As we imagined this took in a couple of dirt roads but within a few km we were back on good tarmac on the direct road to Aranya Prahet.  The road was quiet with great rural views including an impressive ridge jutting out of the flat fields surrounding it.

The route undulated but in general lost about 300m in elevation in the first half before becoming flat.  We passed many army check points getting closer and closer together as we progressed, the single guard in each one looked bored but they all managed a wave as we rode passed.  If you let google or map my ride find the route for you, ignore the last 20km and stick to the road you are on, the tracks if you can find them are in bad shape and the road is quiet.

The town is nothing special, or at least what we have seen of it.  I had a 2 hour massage for 250 baht including tip!  This time it was excellent.  Tomorrow is a chill out and rest day before crossing into Cambodia.  We expect about 1000km  spread over 9 or 10 days with 8 days or so to look around. 

It is getting hot now and the rods are not supposed to be in great shape so it could be hard work.

I hoped we were going round not over

Hole in the hill


Didn't see the rider

Plenty of odd creations around

And I bitched about a trailer!

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