Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cycle Touring Tahiland Ayutthaya to Suphan Buri

March 24th Ayutthaya to Suphan Buri

Today we have come across all types of road including no road at all, well no bridge to be more precise.  Following google maps routes take you to some interesting place you won't find on a normal tourist itinerary that's for sure.

Two random things today, the first was having to avoid 2 elephants heading the wrong way down a dual carriageway!  They were accompanied but still not something you see every day.  The second was a pickup full of monks.  As they drove past one hung out of the window and had a chat as we rode along.  As they drove off you could see at least 3 of them in the back smoking, somehow did think they would.

It wasn't far today but the roads were quite slow in the latter parts of the ride.  All in all a great ride though.  Hotel 800baht including breakfast, it even has a pool although we haven't used it.

Pimp my combine

Wheres the bridge?

Massive fields

Not sure what they are doing but they liked having their picture taken

Thats a hole in the road

Massive lilly pads

Ausitn 1300

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