Friday, 16 March 2012

Cycle Touring Cambodia Kampong Chhnang to Pursat

March 16th Kampong Chhnang to Pursat 100km

Noticed I had a bit of a slow puncture last night in the back tyre.  It seems to be a recurring problem so I figured I would nurse it to Pursat and then have a good look at it.  After pumping it up three times in three hours I gave in and changed the tube and checked the tyre.  I put a patch on the inside of the tyre anywhere I could see a mark where a thorn could of been including a little split in the tread.  The tyre has had it really, but 800km or so to go I will nee if it can hang on.

With the exception of several stands selling pots the day was similar to the end of yesterday.  The road is straight and flatish and in pretty good condition.  There is not as much life along the NH5 as the NH6 and the houses seem to be further off the road giving less distractions from aching bums!

When we got too Pursat we found a good hotel for $15 and even found a pack of digestive biscuits in the shop!

105km tomorrow at least then a couple of days in Battambang, should be the last day of over 100km.

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