Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cycle Touring Thailand Aranya Prathet to Kabin Buri

March 21st Aranya Prathet to Kabin Buri 106km

No real reason to head this way other than we have a few extra days to get to Bangkok so we are taking the long way around.  We followed AH1 which is a dual carriageway but it was really quiet so we stuck with it and the GPS wasn't working.

The only strange thing today was that Kabin Buri got 3km further away, a sign read 8km then 1km later another read 10km???  Even the km markers showed the mismatch and the ones close to the town had the numbers painted out.  Map my ride seems to come up a bit short as using the km markers on the side of the road it worked out to at least 103km.
Road still needs a little work

Another outdoor gym
Hotel had interesting decor

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