Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cycle Touring Thailand Kabin Buri to Nakhon Nayok

March 22nd Kabin Buri to Nakhon Nayok 80km

Strange day today, as there wasn't a restaurant in the hotel we left without breakfast and for some reason ended up visiting 2 7/11 stores and 3 cafes before we managed to get any.  The AH1 continued to be quiet, even going down to a normal 2 lane road for awhile without much of an increase in traffic.

I think today was the day for random manufacturing on the side of the road with spirit houses, headstones, wooden and thatched cabins being some of the items for sale.  We also passed a stand selling giant bananas and a park full of cockerel statues?! 

We struggled to find a hotel but eventually stopped for lunch at Bees Cafe and got directions to a place 1km away with nice rooms for 500baht.

We covered 80km but at least 5 of those were looking for a hotel.

Since we started touring (not just riding) we have covered 8,000km.

Taxi rank Kabin Buri style

Here are some we made earlier

Home to go




Big Banana

Buffalo in the background

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