Sunday, 11 March 2012

Cycle Touring Cambodia Siem Reap

March 8th Siem Reap

Yesterday was our last at the temples.  We managed to get the best picture so far of a pig being transported on the back of a scooter, awesome.  We cycled about 40km taking the long route round and had lunch back in the city.

Now I haven’t really covered the local random transport but here a carriage for want of a better word is pulled by your standard scooter attached by a sort of 5th wheel device bolted over the pillion seat.  It is amazing what a 110cc Honda will pull and by the look of some scooters carry on pulling for many years.

I have been getting addicted to the massages and as they cost about 3gbp have been having a couple the last few days.  It seems that if you go as a couple you get a massage if you go as a single male you have to be careful not to get a lot more than that even if you go back to what seemed like a respectable place as a couple.  I didn’t take the masseur up on her offer of a $10 or $20 tip for, well I didn’t ask but I could take a wild guess!

Tomorrow we are off toward Phnom Phen, this leg is the longest at 150km so an early start and a good 7 hours in the saddle re on the cards.

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