Sunday, 25 March 2012

CycleTouring Thailand Suphan Buri to Nakhon Pathom

March 25th Suphan Buri to Nakhon Pathom 105km

It seems we can't stop doing 100km+ days even when the plan was to only cover 87km.  The first problem was a road we were supposed to take was being resurfaced with truck carting gravel and masses of dust.  It looked like there was another easy option so we opted for that.  As it turns out google maps showed a road that didn't exist so we travelled down a slowly deteriorating track until it came to n end and had to back track.  Still we got there in the end and saw even more obscure Thai places we wouldn't of if it weren't for google.

I don't think we could of travelled around avoiding the main roads without google maps and the blackberry so it is easy to forgive it the odd mistake.

The ride today was great all in all and we crossed a temporary bridge that was the worst surfaced bridge I have ever ridden across, cool.  We passed a street party where a young lady stood in the road and jiggled her bits at me, thing is it was 9.30 on a Sunday morning.  An early start or a late finish!!!

Had another massage to finish the day off, the best yet.

A shorter day tomorrow and thinking we might ride into Bangkok instead of getting a taxi.

Nice bridge, not!

The best shop in Thailand

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