Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cycle Touring Cambodia Phnom Penh

March 13th Phnom Penh

After a lazy day yesterday we did the tourist thing today.  We hired a Tuk Tuk and drove past a few sights before visiting S-21 Genocide Museum and The Killing Fields.  These to places need to be visited even though you leave feeling awful about the way we can treat other human beings. 

Cambodia's history of being pushed around lets hope, has come to an end.

At the end of the day we visited the shooting range, which maybe an odd choice after the previous 2 stops but shooting is one of my things and the chance to fire fully auto guns was too much of a draw.

Now it is really expensive and over far too quickly, $40 for 25 shots but to shoot an AK47 and an M16 single shot and fully auto was worth it.  You could fire belt fed machine guns, throw grenades and even fire a grenade launcher and RPG but these were out of my budget at $350 for the RPG!

Got to play with a few of the display guns afterwards for photos, the Rambo M60 was a beast.

Back at the hotel we said goodbye to our Tuk Tuk driver who was great all day and took a couple of snaps which we have to email him.

One more day of rest tomorrow than back on the bikes.

A sheame you have to sit at a bench but the AK on fully auto took some holding onto.

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